14 Amazing Benefits of Ginger Roots You Don’t Know

Benefits of ginger roots are enormous. A strong and powerful anti-inflammatory.

You can use ginger, garlic, turmeric and cloves in proper combination to get rid of long time infections even fibroids.

Ginger is an ancient spice with powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

It is also known as zingiber Officinale, is a flowering plant whose root or rhizome is used as a spice.

It can be consumed in many forms, fresh, dried, powdered, oil and juice.

In many places, it is mostly used in sweets and alcoholic beverages such as ginger beer and wine.

It is often used to mask the bitter taste of some medicines such as cough syrup.

It can be added to beverages like lemonades, cocktails, tea, smoothies; herbal products like soap, shampoo, massage oil, perfumes; cookies, ginger bread, candied ginger and also in meals like soups, rice, noodle and stew.

You can equally make your own ginger tea by adding a grated ginger in boiled water to cure cough, cold, flu and sore throat.

Let’s look at some it’s health benefits below:

14 Amazing Benefits of Ginger Roots You Don’t Know

Benefits of ginger roots
Raw ginger roots

1. Pain Relieve

Ginger contains substances known as gingerols that can suppress inflammation and turn off pain-causing compounds in the body.

But if you’re dealing with any kind of chronic pain, talk to your doctor about a long-term treatment plan, since it might be something a plant can’t fix.

3. Protect Against Cancer

Ginger is loaded with a substance called 6-gingerol which may have a protective effect on cancerous cells.

4. It Can Help You Look Younger

You probably see the word “antioxidant” written across your favorite expensive facial creams – that’s actually for good reason.

It’s promising (yet preliminary!) Research suggesting antioxidants help protect the skin from “free radicals” (things in the environment like pollution and UV rays), which speed up the breakup of collagens and damage our skin.

According to Ansel, ginger’s antioxidant content can help maintain your skin’s collagen production, which promotes skin elasticity and smoothness.

5. Digest Meal Digestion

A cup of ginger tea could help your stomach empty faster so food doesn’t just sit there after an indulgent meal. Ginger will help calm your stomach and stave off bloating and gas.

6. Relieve Nausea

Ginger is a research backed remedy for nausea, whether you’re dealing with a hangover, enduring a bumpy road trip, recovering from chemotherapy, or cursing pregnancy’s morning-sickness symptoms.

Ginger is good at relieving nausea.

7. Lower Bad Cholesterol

Brissette says ginger can help lower bad cholesterol levels (LDL), reducing your risk of heart disease.

A small recent study affirmed these findings, demonstrating that control groups who consumed three grams of ginger (that’s about half a teaspoon) three times a day experienced a significantly higher reduction in triglyceride and cholesterol than the placebo group.

8. Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Ginger’s blood-thinning properties could help prevent the formation of blood clots, reducing your risk of heart and stroke.

Brissette warns that if you have already taken blood-thinning medication, consult with your doctor before including more ginger in your diet.

9. Boost our Immunity

The same gingerols found in ginger that fight inflammation also have antimicrobial and antifungal properties to help fight infections and boost your immunity.

For a good result take it this manner:

  • Get a glass of hot water
  • Add 2 tablespoons of fresh grated ginger
  • Add Juice of one lemon
  • Add ½ tablespoon of honey.

·      Mix all in a glass and drink to boost your immunity.


Add a teaspoon into chicken soup for some added cold-fighting benefits.

10. Relieve Menstrual Cramps

If you find yourself clutching your abdomen in pain every month, you might want to try an ibuprofen alternative, which is ginger.

According to Jessica Perez, R.D. says “I firmly believe ginger is one of the best natural forms of medicine,”.

It helps with so many inflammatory processes.”  It helps to reduce menstrual pain when taken at the beginning of the menstrual period.

11. Lower Blood Sugar

Ginger has been shown to lower blood sugar levels and improve various heart diseases risk factors in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Benefits of ginger roots
Ginger root

12. Reduce Osteoarthritis

Some studies have shown that ginger can reduce symptoms of Osteoarthritis, which is a very health problem.

Studies have also shown that ginger can protect against age- related damage to the brain. It can also improve brain function in elderly women.

14. Inhibit Bacteria Growth

Ginger helps to fight against oral bacteria such as gingivitis and periodontitis. The fresh ginger can inhibit the growth of RSV Virus that causes respiratory infections.

Caution: Do not take ginger in excess, take in small quantities, it may have some elements of side effects as seen below.

Ginger Risks And Side Effects

  • Some people are sensitive to ginger, it may aggravate heartburn
  • Ginger may reduce blood clotting, so consult your doctor if you are taking blood thinning medications.
  • Ginger may reduce the activity of liver enzymes that break down nutrients and drugs. Consult your doctor before adding ginger to your daily diet if you are taking any drugs.