How To Shrink Fibroids Naturally With Herbs

Welcome to my blog. For you to have landed on this page, I know you’re seriously looking for a solution to that your health challenge called fibroid or ovarian cyst

I was once in your shoe but I got victory over fibroid and ovarian cyst in 2021 after three years of pains.

I simply did not go for surgery because I have a friend who her fibroid grew back for the second time after surgery.

Instead I used herbal remedies I discovered in the year 2020 and it worked for me like magic.

Though my healing didn’t just at the platter of gold. It took my consistence and determination to come through because there are many foods to avoid.

Since after my healing I found out that many women are in these conditions and don’t want to go in for surgery.

So I decided to answer the question ‘How to shrink fibroids naturally with herbs’ by putting together this ebook.

Inside the book I have told my story and how I was able to conquer fibroid tumors and ovarian cyst naturally using 7 powerful herbal solutions (concotions) that I prepared right in my kitchen.

I have gone ahead to make the book available on Amazon so you can read it for FREE if you have Kindle subscription. You can also buy it as an ebook or paperback on Amazon.

Want to reach out to me? Worry not, I have included contacts inside the book so you can reach out to me if you need clarification on anything.

How To Shrink Fibroids Naturally With Herbs
Fibroid natural treatment
How To Shrink Fibroids Naturally With Herbs
Fibroid natural treatment

How to Shrink Fibroids Naturally With Herbs

Before we move ahead, I will like to introduce myself to you first. I know you will like to meet with me.

My name is Favour Marius, a young and vibrant woman like you.

I am here to share with you my journey story with healing fibroids and ovarian cyst.

I am a living testimony of what herbs can do to someone.

In the year 2018 to 2020 I nearly lost one of my ovaries (left ovary) but God of Creation, who has giving us these herbs said NO.

Today I am healed and made whole through herbs. I no longer cry for pains.

I have been certified FREE from fibroid, ovarian cysts and fibrodonosis by the doctors.

It was only herbs that I used after hospital failed me and I was healed.

Indeed there is power in these herbs. No wonder Christian Bible said in the book of Genesis that God has given us these herbs to be our food and medicine.

But it’s a pity that we disregard these herbs. The truth is that sometimes these pharmaceutical medicine fails us.

Therefore, since I have got this miracle through herbs, and I know there are many women like you out there going through the same pain I went through.

Some have not even be able to get pregnant after their marriage due to the same monsters called fibroid and ovarian cyst.

I have make things easy for you by putting down everything you need to know about my fibroid and cysts healing in a book – you can find it on Amazon.

Here comes my life story in details . . .

In February 2018, I was diagnosed of simple ovarian cyst on my left ovary.

After the ultrasound scan, my gynaecologist gave me some medication and assured me that I will be fine.

The truth is that after I took the medication, the pain subsided.

I was happy again with my life and cruising life with the hope that I am free.

Not until November 2018 (that’s exactly 9months after the first scan), I was strucked with this intensed and chronic pelvic pain that kept me crying all day.

I can’t sit comfortably, I can’t stand comfortably and I can’t lay down comfortably.

I was miserable and got tired of life.

BTW “If you have suffered or suffering from ovarian cyst, you’ll bear me witness that the pain of ovarian cyst is worse than that of fibroid. I had the two so I am talking out of experience.”

Back to my story, I had to visit my gynaecologist again.

Another ultrasound scan was conducted on me. The result came out with “complex ovarian cyst and uterine fibroid.”

My people I fainted!

At what age?

No I am very young for this kind of sickness and no one in my family both immediate and extended has had such diseases or infection.

So why me?

I began asking questions, doctor what is cause of fibroid and ovarian cyst?

Do they not have cure?

My gynaecologist looked at me and openly told me that there’s no cure for fibroid and ovarian cyst except surgery.

And there are no causes for now but there are risk factors that trigger such infections like family history, hormonal imbalance, consuming junks and fast foods, soft drinks, industrial drinks, miscarriage, etc.

My eyes opened and my jaw dropped. Alright, doctor what is the solution?

All I want now is a solution to come out of this pain, is too much for me.

We will be giving you some medication (pain killers) to help you manage the pains. We keep monitoring it, if it goes extreme, we have to remove them.

Fear catch me, I have this phobia of going under the knife.

When I opened my prescription paper at the pharmacist to the drugs I found out it was the same medications I took when it was simple cyst, the doctor still recommended for me now that’s complex.

That was when I know that I am on my own, if I don’t act quickly I will end up going for surgery and I may loose my left ovary.

I left the pharmacy shop to my house without those medication.

During these period, one thing kept my faith, which is “I believe that there’s a solution to every problem on earth except death” since I am not dead, then I should be able to get a solution to these two infections (fibroid and ovarian cyst).

I am sure solution is somewhere and I had to find it.

I got myself soaked in research.

I began to research about every herb and spice in the world, preparing them and taking them.

I prepared a lot of remedies that I took and I also charted a new diet plan for myself.

I became my own herbal doctor and nutritionist. God of Creation really gave me victory.

But one strategic thing happened during the same period.

As I was treating fibroid and ovarian cyst, in August 2019, I was diagnosed of massive lump in my two breasts (the medical name for the infection is FIBROADENOSIS).

Problem became too much on me. It was a serious burden to take off my shoulders.

Finally I got a solution that shrunk fibroid, ovarian cyst and fibrodonosis naturally without surgery. Hallelujah!

My face beams with pure smile and my heart filled with joy on the last ultrasound scan I did in the month of September, 2021.

I quote the doctor “young woman you can go home now, everything is fine. Your pelvic scan is clean and clear. Nothing was found in there anymore”

Oh my God, I am so happy and excited telling you my life story now and how I was able to find a solution myself.

These herbs are amazing. You can get them from any part of the world you’re.

They are powerful and offers total healing from the root.

Please say congratulations to me at the comment section, I really deserve it.

The journey of my healing was not easy I must confess that.

It took me determination, daily positive affirmations, strictly and continuous usage of my new diet and remedies to achieve my goal which is total healing from fibroid, ovarian cyst and fibroadenosis.

Have you suffered any of these pelvic infections and conquered it? Tell us your experience at the comment section.

Are suffering any of the infections and looking for help? Tell us also at the comment section.

I want to assure you, no matter what problem you’re passing through today, there’s a solution to it.

You’re suffering from ovarian cyst, uterine fibroids, blocked fallopian tube, hormonal imbalance, PID infections, always miscarrying your pregnancy; kindly reach out to me today I can help you via the WhatsApp button.

You have done fibroid surgery and you don’t want it to grow again, also reach out to me I can help you.

You can get my book titled “I believe that there’s a solution to every problem on earth except death”.

However, if you have decided to heal yourself using herbs, spices and foods as medicine.

Then you have to wear patience and determination like cloth because healing through herbs is slow but it cures ultimately from root.

Thank you so much for stop by. May the God of Creation bless you and grant you healing both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

How To Shrink Fibroids Naturally With Herbs
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